Resources for getting started on SPINRAZA

There are a few key people, places, and teams that will help you get started, and provide ongoing support throughout your SPINRAZA journey. 

You and your healthcare
provider determine whether
SPINRAZA is right for you

SMA360°™ patient support
helps with
and insurance

Make appointment
at a
treatment center

Your first dose

Getting a prescription

First, you’ll need to make an appointment with a healthcare provider (HCP) who can prescribe SPINRAZA. Then, you can discuss the benefits and risks of treatment and address any concerns you might have. Together, you can determine whether or not SPINRAZA might be right for you. If you decide that it is, you and your HCP can fill out a Start Form, and your HCP will submit it to Biogen to initiate your enrollment in SMA360° support services.*

*SMA360° patient services from Biogen are available only to those who have been prescribed SPINRAZA. SMA360° is intended for US residents only.

Support & logistics

After your Start Form has been submitted, someone from SMA360°, our support
service, will reach out to you. They will help you navigate insurance barriers and
reimbursement options, and assist you in coordinating treatment logistics.

Your treatment center

You will receive your treatment at a treatment center with qualified physicians
experienced in administering SPINRAZA. Your treatment center will schedule your
appointments and ensure everything is in place on the day(s) of your treatment.

Your first dose

Before you start treatment with SPINRAZA and before each dose, your doctor will order blood and urine testing to monitor for the potential risks of bleeding complications or kidney damage. On the day of your treatment, the administrative staff will complete your check-in. Then the clinical staff will prepare you for treatment, and an HCP will administer your first dose of SPINRAZA. After, the administrative staff will check you out and schedule your next appointment. Your SMA360° team will follow up with you after each dose.

Considering SPINRAZA?

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