Dosing designed to give your body the medicine it needs, when it needs it.

Spinraza is given 3 times
a year after an initial starting dose period.

The recommended dosage of SPINRAZA is
12 mg (5 mL) per administration.

SPINRAZA is an intrathecal injection, or an injection into the fluid of the spine, by a healthcare professional
(HCP) experienced in performing lumbar punctures.

The dosing schedule begins with 4 initial loading doses; the first 3 occur in 14-day intervals and the fourth dose 30 days after the third dose. After these initial doses, SPINRAZA is administered in maintenance doses 3 times a year. Ask your HCP for additional information about the dosing schedule and treatment procedure.

SPINRAZA is delivered directly to the central nervous system.

The SPINRAZA dosing schedule is designed to provide an
appropriate level of medication that is maintained between each dose.

Because it’s delivered directly into the cerebrospinal fluid, via an
injection into the lower spine, SPINRAZA is given by a specially
trained HCP in a designated treatment center.

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an adult with later-onset SMA who is being treated with SPINRAZA

“SPINRAZA was one of the first pieces of hope. This was the first time in my life that there was something I could take that might help me.”

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